The Truth About Modeling Success

If you’re new to direct sales you might be wondering what it takes to succeed. Or, if you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’re not having much success, I’d like to shed some light on why you’re stuck in a rut.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term modeling, which basically means…”If you do what other successful people do, then you’ll have success too.”


Of course that’s a very simple definition, but it’s for our purposes it’s short and to the point.

Modeling is a practice that we’re all taught will lead us to success.

So…if it’s that simple, why aren’t we all on a beach somewhere sipping on our favorite drink?

The problem is this little thing called…REALITY.)

The simple fact is, you’re not going to have a chance in hell of having success with modeling unless you understand the difference between cause and effect.

Here’s the plain truth…

The people that have had tremendous success in direct sales act in a certain way because one thing…


Your philosophy is the way you view yourself and the world that surrounds, and it’s something that’s so fundamental that it dictates every decision you make.

The top producers in this industry have a philosophy that’s based on independence, which in turn leads to the actions that create the ‘effect’ of wealth.

Sure…they have TONS of skill, knowledge, and ability that are all parts of the puzzle. But they wouldn’t have taken the time to get to their level of competence if they didn’t have the drive that their philosophy provides.

Sure… they’ve created products and services that add tremendous value to us struggling salesmen. But they wouldn’t have had the drive to produce them unless they had a positive vision of themselves and the value they have to offer.

So how can you tell if you have an independence orientated mindset that’s in line with success?

Let me ask you some very important questions…

Do you take pride in creating your own brand and online presence, constantly striving to stand out from the crowd?

Or do you feel the urge to blend in, fearful of being criticized?

Do you find yourself anxious to create an awesome article or video that isn’t just an echo or mirror image of someone else’s work?

Or are you fearful of creating something new and interesting, wondering if it might offend someone?

When it comes to creating content, do you have the specific goal of giving value to a specific group of people, unconcerned with others you might alienate?

Or do you find yourself constantly wanting to please everyone, turning out work that’s watered down and bland.

In other words…

Are you an independence minded individual that has every right to express yourself to the world without compromise?

Or are you just another spoke in the wheel that can’t be any shorter or longer than the rest?

Are you going to be someone who clears a new path with original content that can inspire others to do the same?

Or, are you going to remain in the shadow of others that have built a name for themselves in the direct sales industry?

If you want to have success in this business, you’re going to have to push past all your fears of failure and rejection. You’re going to have to get past all of your worries about whether or not people will appreciate your content.

As I’m writing this post, I have no idea what the masses will think when they read it.

But I’ll say this…

It’s an original piece of content that I didn’t ‘water down’ for anybody. If you enjoy it…great. If not…oh well.)

I had a lot of fun creating it!

And in the end, that’s what this business is all about.