The Foundation of Successful Online Marketing

The #1 skill that any home based business owner should master for the purpose of promoting their business online is HANDS DOWN…copywriting. Generating TONS of traffic to your site doesn’t mean much if you can’t engage your readers with excellent content and persuade them to buy from you.

Trying to build your online business without the foundational skills that all successful marketing ‘Pros’ have mastered would be like a baby trying to win an ‘Iron Man’…

Online Marketing

It just ain’t happening…

If you’re new to marketing your business online, the way to prepare yourself for the fierce competition is to follow a system. In creating great copy, having a system is what separates the Pros from the amateurs.

If you take the amateur approach, there’s two things that I’ll guarantee…

1. You’re going to have troubles with ‘writers block’

2. You’re going to write CRAPY copy

And if you go that route, you’ll be lucky to win a race with turtles…

So how can you overcome these obstacles and develop a simple and systematic approach to copywriting?

Let’s take it step by step…

The first and most important step is to come up with an effective headline.

If you’re having a bout of writers block, try using the ‘swipe method’.

Do a search on Victor Schwab’s 100 greatest headlines to see some great examples and adapt one of your favorites to your own product or service.

Your headlines should boldly state the main benefit of your offer. It’s the most effective way to build on the emotion of your target audience. You should also use this same approach in your sub headlines.

Another important step to creating great copy is to structure your ads correctly. Your copy should be based in short words, sentences, and paragraphs that any ‘Average Joe’ can read.

A great way to check if your copy is ‘dumb’d down’ enough is to check its readability index in Microsoft Word.

The golden rule of sales is…emotion sells.

Writing your copy as if you were having a casual conversation with a friend makes it more emotionally appealing.

Before you start writing copy, ask questions like, “What type of person am I trying to speak to?” “What are their biggest problems?” “How can I show them that my offer will cure their ills?”

In the body of your amazon product listing optimization, show how the problems they face play out in their lives and the frustration that is causes. All buying decisions are made on the basic desire to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Show them how your offer is ideal for satisfying their need.

Most people in the online marketing industry have no clue to just how important it is to master the skill of writing killer copy. If they would just take the time to study and master the skill of copywriting, their business would grow by leaps and bounds.