About Me

About Me

How A Broke, Confused, Unemployed Hermit Avoids Approaching Mid-Life Disaster And Finds Passion…Saved By Scam!
Here’s a story of a guy that had to stumble around in the dark for decades to find his true calling…(taking some serious knocks along the way)…and how losing made him a winner.

About me

Hey, how are you?

My name’s Anne, and thanks so much for coming…

The way I became a Freelance Copywriter and Online Marketer is pretty crazy. I mean…when I think about how I stumbled upon my profession it makes me shake my head in disbelief and amazement.

I’d like to sit here and tell you that I’m just this simple person that wants to live a normal life, but that would be a load of crap. (I used to try to trick myself into believing that non-sense)

The plain truth is that I’m complicated as hell, and sometimes I think I could use a shrink!


When I was growing up, “Shy” was my middle name. Well… not really… but you know what I mean. I was the poster girl for an introvert. They should have made me the “the least likely to succeed at salesmanship” in my high school year book.

Tried the college thing, and was just too confused to make it work. It was impossible for me to find anything that could keep me inspired.

But the bills needed to get paid and the men (at least the good ones) don’t like having broke girlfriends. So I picked the path that I thought would offer me a good living in the least amount of time.

I put on some tool bags and started wiring up buildings.

It was a step up from being broke, but just like my college days, staying motivated was a bitch.

It was a struggle to keep a job for more than a few months. It wasn’t that I was dumb or incompetent …I just couldn’t get my mind in line with building a dream that wasn’t mine.

Lost job after lost job…I struggled to keep my head up.

Deep down in my restless soul, I knew that being my own boss was the only way I would ever get off my butt and realize my full potential.

I’m sure that most everyone has the same thoughts. But fear of failure stops them dead in their tracks. And for years I was frozen too…like a dear on a dark road staring down headlights.

We all know that living in fear really sucks. So I decided that I needed to do something…ANYTHING…to make my life better.

Started reading self help books and dragged myself back to college to get wise on business. In one of my first classes, I got some advice that set a whole chain of events in motion.

The instructor was a sharp old timer…close to retirement but full of energy and spunk. He talked a mile a minute and moved around like he was a teenager. The only sign of age in his manner was a slight hunchback and grey hair.

He said (I’m paraphrasing) if you want to succeed in business you should get some serious sales experience. After all, most CEO’s have come from sales backgrounds.

Getting past the fear of rejection and developing some tenacity was the idea…and he recommended getting into some sort of network marketing deal.

I didn’t have any experience with multilevel marketing and didn’t know anybody that did. And… wasn’t MLM some type of scam? So time went by and I forgot all about it.

Then the economy went to hell…

All of a sudden, the construction market in Southern Cali went from boom to bust and I was faced with long term unemployment. Boy was that a scary time. And I found myself going deep into depression.

I knew I had to get motivated because I was going broke fast.

Heard there was still a ton of work in Las Vegas. So I packed my bags and moved to Sin City.

Kept up my business education and got back on my feet financially. Things seemed OK again… at least for a little while.

Truth be told…I was still down in the dumps and had a negative attitude toward everything around me. My life was not what I wanted it to be.

And my attitude started affecting my health…

I’d suffer sleepless nights stressed out about anything and everything under the sun. And when I could catch some z’s, I would wake up stiff as a board. It would take half the day to relax the extreme tension that was nearly crippling me.

Then I met my new neighbor…

He was an energetic youngster with a salesman’s swagger. And he didn’t waste any time in trying to convincing me to join him in his MLM deal.

I remembered the advice that the old timer gave me and said…”what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.” I definitely needed the self improvement that came kinda like a package deal with the industry.

Approaching people with a half assed sales pitch was a nerve wracking experience. And I felt the sting of rejection after rejection. But I vowed to never quit.

Things weren’t going to well as far as business was concerned, but I loved the fact that I was testing my limits. On the other hand, my partner was frustrated and was eager to make some serious cash.

So he convinced me to get online and try out one of the so called “lead generation systems for network marketers.”

The supposed money making system didn’t work out to well…but…I was enlightened to a whole world I never knew existed.

I kept hearing about this subject called “copywriting”, and I decided to check it out. Once I understood what it was all about, I latched onto it like a fly on sh*t!

And when I did, I finally felt the power that purpose can have over a woman’s life.

You see…pain is really just the gate to heaven. Don’t let it keep you from entering.

As a final note – the bulk of my daily copywriting – is creating Amazon listing optimization services for Amazon marketplace clients.

Get in contact today if you need to change your life.