5 Social Media Blunders to Avoid

In recent years there’s been a massive increase in the use of social media. From Twitter and Facebook, to YouTube and Digg, the traffic that these sites get daily has grown exponentially. With the masses flocking to the ever growing number of social sites, it would seem an online marketers dream.

But, the sad fact is that very few truly understand how to capitalize on this growing trend.

Social Media Blunders to Avoid

With every ‘Ying’ there’s a ‘Yang’…

Even though the use of social media has recently exploded, there has also been a huge increase in marketing activity to boot. With the increase in competition, it’s becoming much more difficult to capture the attention of users.

So how are you going to separate yourself the masses of online marketing competitors that are competing for business on these sites daily?

If you want to play the game of social media marketing, it’s extremely important that you understand the rules if you’re playing to win.

Here are some social media blunders that you want to avoid…

1. The biggest blunder I see online marketers making on an unimaginable scale is that they lead with a sales pitch without offering any value whatsoever…

If you were invited to a house party, would it be appropriate to show up with your product or services and make a sales pitch to all the guests?

Or, would it be a better idea to show up with a gift for the person that invited you?

House parties are social gatherings, and social media sites are no different.

2. Not having a blog to send you social media buddy’s to is a HUGE blunder…

The best way to avoid making up front sales pitches for your offer is to create a separate company…we’ll call this company ‘You Inc.’.

You Inc. is created to build a relationship with your social media friends by providing valuable information that is related to the benefits of what you’re offering. It’s what we call ‘value added advertising’, and it’s the perfect way to ‘pre-sell’ your friends without ever mentioning your product or service.

3. Not providing great content on a regular basis is a big-time-blunder…

There’s going to be plenty of completion in whatever niche you represent. If you don’t stay on top of your game, another marker will come and steal the ball from you. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to gain a social media following and it going to take the same amount of work to keep it.

4. Not targeting the right audience…

If you’re selling wood, it wouldn’t make sense to try and gain a following of lumberjacks.

If you’re selling weight loss products, it wouldn’t make sense to target anorexics.

I think you get the picture!

5. Wasting too much time on social media sites…

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media is that main reason you’re there is to make money…not friends. Too many marketers spend way too much time spinning their wheels on social media sites without making a dime.

It’s OK to spend a lot of time when you’re building a following, but your time is worth more than money. Once you start having some success, you should start tapering down the time spent in social media sites. Once the dough starts rolling in, you shouldn’t be spending more than 20 to 30 minutes maintaining your following.

Social media is an AWESOME way to get traffic to your blog and generate sales. And the greatest benefit is that it’s FREE! Stay away from committing social media blunders and the money will start rolling in.