• boost your sales
  • develop your brand
  • build relationships
  • grab attention
  • beef up your marketing
  • grow your business
You understand the value of a professional copywriter. You’ve seen how well-chosen words persuade and motivate readers. You know that an experienced writer saves you time and wasted effort and helps you make the most of your marketing budget. 
  • get an edge over your competitors
  • persuade and motivate
  • overcome doubts and objections
  • interest, engage and convince
You know that you need a copywriter who understands what you do. This is especially true for environmental, technical, scientific and not-for-profit projects where you need somebody who can write for an experienced and knowledgeable audience. You also know that if you choose the wrong words – you ruin your chances of being heard.
  • make your marketing work harder
  • your salesman on the page
  • save time
  • focus on what you do best
With years of copywriting experience, I have the skills that you need. My background is in corporate IT and the charitable sector and I have qualifications in writing, the environment, science and technology. My writing is based on classic copywriting methods combined with techniques to boost your influence drawn from social psychology research. 


  • environmental issues & green technology
  • scientific, technical & complex subject matter
  • information & communication technology
  • charity & not-for-profit
  • social housing
  • plain English
  • psychological influence
  • content strategy


  • direct response
  • B2B & B2C
  • press releases
  • brochures, newsletters & leaflets
  • white papers
  • case studies
  • copy editing
  • web content 

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