May 23

BBC Video Compilation of Prince Songs Given Away To Other Artists

The BBC have combined a ‘Special’ video of songs written by Prince but given to, and performed by, other artists. It is to be found on BBCiplayer and is only available until next Sunday, 29th May 10.30am


It features mega-hits including “Nothing Compares To You” by Sinead O’Connor, “Manic Monday” by the Bangles, “Feel For You” by Chuka Khan, “Sign of the Times” by Muse and Tom Jones with The Art of Noise, performing “Kiss”.


I had no idea Prince had written all these, both lyrics and music. He was certainly exceptionally talented.

The BBC video running order is:
Prince himself “Emancipation”
Bangles “Manic Monday”
Chaka Khan “I feel for You”
Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares to You”
Muse “Sign of the Times “ amazing superb sexy bass player.
Alicia Keys “How Come You Don’t Call Me”
Tom Jones & Art of Noise “Kiss”
Gregory Porter “Purple Rain”

My favorites are, in order, Muse with “Sign of the Times”. Fantastic deep bass hook (and player), but poor lead singer. Tom Jones, “Kiss” and Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares To You”. The last one “Purple Rain” by Gregory somebody is an insult to Prince as far as I am concerned. Just awful. But such an iconic song.

prince shoes 3

I have some more Prince info waiting my attention, but you will never believe it – prepared to be shocked with my next post about Prince.

May 23

What Is All The Referendum Fuss About? Historic UK Vote 23rd June

The EU was designed so that unelected bureaucrats could make laws without the interference of the common people.

The precious single chance we have of escaping the EU is almost upon us. The historical date of 23rd June will be the UK’s own INDEPENDENCE DAY

When we win – it will be the most celebrated Public Holiday in history.

independenceday uk

The government here, led by Cameron and his old university buddies is still pumping out lies after lies after lies. They know that when we escape the EU they will be out of office in a heartbeat.

i'm stupid dave cam

Both will say and do ANYTHING to keep power. But the cracks are showing. The image below shows the precise second Cameron realizes how stupid he was to make George (who pathetically changed his name from Gideon to George) Osborne our Chancellor of the Exchequer. This means George controls ALL of our taxpayers money.


You might think he would have a dozen Masters degrees in economics or commerce, but you would be wrong.

ALL HE HAS is one sad pathetic undergraduate degree – and it is in, wait for it – History. So how did he get one of the UKs top jobs?

He went to University (on half a scholarship, quite fitting as he clearly only has half a brain). He met Cameron at the controversial “cock-in-a-dead-pigs-mouth” dining club in Oxford. George followed Cameron around like a lost sheep, adoring him. Hence Cameron gave him a top job.


After we escape the clutches of the greedy sinking EU, he will be first out – followed swiftly by Cameron. They know this. Which is why they are fighting so hard. But lying is not supposed to be allowed in a fair fight. Dave & Co know this – but fighting dirty is his last chance.

May 22

Your Vote on 23rd June Will Decide Your Kids Familys Future for Centuries

When we lived in France our weekly food bill (compared to here in the UK) was one third of the UK cost. That included everything. All sourced locally. And sold is a big store like a massive yet inexpensive Waitrose.

I honestly do not know how UK families, even with both parents working, can keep up with the constant flow of incoming bills. Everything in UK is so expensive. Thanks to the EU laws and rules under which we must live as part of the EU.


For those lucky enough to have jobs, a large portion of pay goes to tax, with a portion going to the NHS. STILL they can’t manage it and provide decent cover for all people. It’s just not enough money.

All this can change. But the EU will not allow it. Whilst in the EU we must stick to Laws created in EUland – laws which take precedence over our own national laws. And our own national interests.

59% of our laws are now EU dictats. Not instigated or ratified by people we voted for.
All EU bureaucrats are UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE.

takecontrol EU1

“No – No – No” to quote an Iron Lady who passed away not long ago. Let’s take the UK back; it’s not Camerons country to GIVE AWAY without our consent. If you vote STAY, you are telling him he can do exactly that. It is what he wants more than anything else. Dont let him!

pig comment cam

We will no longer be Brits – but a tiny part of a superstate sinking under the weight of its own bloated bureaucracy. Do you want that for your kids and their kids ? It really is that serious.

It is simply unacceptable. We ruled our own country for centuries and we will do it again – ONLY IF WE LEAVE THE EU. The upcoming Vote on June 23rd is your LAST CHANCE to save the UK from the EU.

They will not let us rule ourselves, unless we leave.

The most historical vote in HISTORY is coming on 23rd June. It is your duty vote to LEAVE the EU.

You owe it to your kids and to generations to come to give them their freedom from EU interference.

Even if you never ever vote – use this precious one just to get our own country back. The ramifications of not doing so will haunt your future generations for centuries to come.

Do not let Cameron give away our country. We CAN beat him at his own game. If we stick together & vote Leave with one voice. And he knows it. We will win. He and his ‘old boys network’ pals will be gone.

i'm stupid dave cam

Sign up / Register to vote online here :

IF you have not moved house recently and you have your NIN (National Insurance Number) it will take only 5 minutes or less. Get the NIN noted down beside your computer before you start to register. If you’ve moved recently, keep your old address & postcode handy. They do ask this if you have moved in the last year.

Poling stations on 23rd June will be open from 7am until 10pm on that day, the day the UK gains back its own INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM.

Forever after 23rd June will be a PUBLIC HOLIDAY and the UKs very own INDEPENDENCE DAY.

big leave eu tick pic

Please think of others when you go to vote. Friends and neighbours who may not be able to get to the Poling Station, but who want us OUT. Maybe you can pick them up or arrange a car share? EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. What about that widow over the road without a car? Or the elderly gentleman who fought in World War 2 for YOUR freedom? EVERY ONE COUNTS

I would suggest you take a cheap box of Bic/Biros to the Voting station, as they will undoubtedly offer you a pencil. Beware; pencils may be erased. May Pound shops offer cheap pens by the box full.

Ten minutes of your valuable time will resonate through the history of ages in this once great island. Put the GREAT back into BRITAIN. Set us free from the sinking ship which is the bloated, unelected and unsustainable EU.

We will do it. If we vote with one voice – LEAVE EU.

May 20

Cameron Hands Over The Keys To OUR Money to Undergrad Pal Osborne

Politics is not my thing. Having lived abroad most of my life, now I am here it is hard to keep quiet when you see the type of people who are spending taxpayers money on themselves.

George Osborne has no experience or even a degree in Economics or any kind of Commerce. All he has is one sad pathetic undergrad degree in History.


So why is he Chancellor of the Exchequer ? Because he is a pal of Cameron. They met at the “dick-in-a-pigs-moouth-club” while at university. IT’S THE ONLY REASON.


BTW Osborne (who changed his first name from Gideon to George) has just spend £40,000 of taxpayers money improving his FREE government flat. SICKENING when even working families cannot keep up with their bills.


Osborne only got into university by being relatively ‘poor’. I think it is called a Demie Scholarship. How appropriate – half the fees for half a brain!


Above is the logo of The Bullingdon Club which is an exclusive but unofficial all-male students’ dining club – they are known for trashing hotels & restaurants. And for thinking themselves better than anyone who does not belong. Another part of the “old boys network”. Note the hunting horse in the logo – no wonder Cameron & Co are trying to overturn the ban on fox hunting in the UK.

The university should be ashamed of that they let him study there at all. MUCH brighter people who could not even afford half the fees are kept out as they are not part of the “old boys network”. DISGRACEFUL

May 17

Think You’re Clean? Think Again. Essential “Online Hygiene”

Last Saturday (all 24 hours of it) was intense, meaningful and successful. It now means I am not dragging around 180-300 advertising ‘sniffer dogs’ with me on every click I make online.

Confused? I am talking about online ‘hygiene’.

whose watching you

The wake-up call came in the form of my computer throwing the same old adverts at me before, during and after, I had clicked from one page to the next. It slowed down my computer and made it unstable in other very worrying ways.

You won’t believe who helped me understand what was going on. It was Firefox. That much-derided browser which I have stuck to mainly because I LOVE the icon list I can keep in the toolbar of sites I visit many times per day.

Firefox hosts a video which is 10 minutes long, and explains everything in the clearest of ways. I will try to find it again and post here. For me, it was totally life changing and opened my eyes to all these ghoulish data trackers following my every movement on the web.


Long story short: they know EVERYTHING about you. Even down to where you are sitting when you log on. And what you are sitting on. This data is highly valuable and they sell it off at auctions for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. But of course, we don’t get a cut. The unvoiced ‘deal’ is that we allow them to use our data, for them allowing us to use their software or platform for FREE.

But that old saying “Nothing Is Ever Free” is utterly and irrefutably true in this case.

nothing is free

Like the majority of busy, reasonable people, when asked if I accept ‘cookies’ I always click OK without even reading the blurb. BIG MISTAKE. But if you don’t do it, you won’t get access to the site you want to see. Or at least, that is the implication. It is not true.

In the past, ‘The Fourth Estate’ were the human gatekeepers of what we saw and read and therefore, what we thought. Not any more.

The Fourth Estate is the world of journalists, newspapers, media, television etc. It used to operate free from political bias and no bias to any religion or church. They were totally independent. There was always a human held accountable for whatever he or she allowed to be viewed or read. He/She was called The Editor.

NOW on the internet, we have semi-sentient gate-keepers. These gate-keepers are not humans, they are
mathematical algorithms. BUT the difference is, they have no accountability.

nothing free privacy

The frightening thing is that what you see, in terms of news articles for example, depends upon what ‘they’ think they know about you. They only let you see things which you have liked or seen before. To explain – if you said on Twitter you liked Trump, that would put you in a certain place, politically.

Thereafter, your feed is changed to only reflect what you think. They never let you see challenging press or news, they never offer the opposite view. After all, you are on their site and they want to keep you there. So they try to please you. And serve up unchallenged anodyne news to suit you.

To any disbelievers, just get a friend to type the same search string into Google, and you will each get totally different responses depending upon what ‘they’ know about your preferences.


This is frightening on many levels. Firstly, our upcoming generations (‘The Internet Generations’) will never have had their beliefs or certainties challenged. Not online anyway. They will not be able to think for themselves. They will be totally trapped in viewing or seeing things in one way, and that way only.

This is seriously damaging and exactly the opposite of what is good teaching. This is a global issue which needs addressing.

But not all is lost (yet), because Firefox users can install 2 add-ons which show you the number of requests to tag and follow you, on each and every site you visit. You can then control that.

whose watching you

It is jaw-droppingly amazing. My machine was clogged with 1.4gigs of these latent trackers.
I am very angry about this and intend to follow up. So please watch this space. I will post links to the short video which lays it out on the line.

The other add-on allows you to exempt certain sites and to allow some sites some access. Who you allow to follow your every move is controlled BY YOU which is how it should be.

Watch this space for more on this topic of global importance…….


IMPORTANT ADDITION TO THE ARTICLE ABOUT INTERNET SECURITY BELOW. I have found the name of the ten minute video which lays it out clearly and easily to understand. I promise you will not believe if. I was left speechless with my jaw dropped open. this is the link:

May 1

Rod Liddle – The Motorists Champion on the Blight of Cyclists

Rod Liddle has come on in leaps and bounds as a writer. He out Gills AA Gill, and Clarkson is only at the stage Rod was a century ago. I just love his writing. I have been following his columns for years.


I venture to say that todays column in The Sunday Times is a pinnacle in his career. It is essential reading for motorists & cyclists.

It is wonderfully hilarious and is so true and accurate at the same time: I wonder at the genius of the way he comes full circle on the subject matter – which is today’s cyclists and cycling generally. I haven’t laughed out loud for so long or so hard for ages.

How many times have you been stuck behind two (sometimes three) neon cyclists on a narrow road, riding two abreast, and chatting to each other? And all whilst there is a hapless line a mile long of motorists (who HAVE paid to use the road by the way) behind them. All forced to stay in second gear for 2 miles, while the Lycra clad pumping kneed morons hog the road and irritate the hell out of everyone?

cyclists wrong way

To make it worse, they hold the moral high-ground as Rod pointed out. They are Eco-friendly, they are fighting the obesity problem, and it seems like the only sport we excel at now. Apart from pigging out on takeaways in front of the googlebox, which has yet to be declared an Olympiad sport – but just give it time.

He is absolutely right, 25 years ago the only bike riders were kids, paedophiles or freaks. And there were very few of them. So nobody really cared if the odd moron pumping like mad in the gutter got decapitated by a passing truck. Collectively, we assumed it improved the gene pool.

But it is their self righteous demeanor which really gets me. Try walking along any High Street and you are likely to be mowed down by some skeletal neon Lycra-clad loony, hurling abuse at you for getting in his way on the pavement!

cyclists bunched up

Rod tells us they won 16 Gold medals at the most recent Olympics – more than we are used to getting for all the events combined!

Fortunately, Rod informs us all this is about to change. Their Aussie coach who bullied and shamed them into winning is leaving, seemingly for his very un-PC comments. Of course, his biggest detractors are those cyclists who were simply not good enough to compete.

I am sure all car and van drivers will be delighted to know that once current coach Shane Sutton is gone and replaced by a more PC coach, cycling will go downhill fast without any breaks and we can all heave a sigh of relief.

Thank you Rod for voicing so beautifully what so many of us feel.

But I would go one step further than Rod, and set up a petition to lobby the powers that be to tax cyclists into the ground for using the road. This is especially relevant since there are talks to actually increase the size of cycling paths, to the detriment of vehicles which have paid through the nose to use our unfit pot-holed roads for decades.

On that note, I will Tweet the idea to the greedy and money-grabbing-from-the-disabled creep George Osborne. He is bound to jump at the chance.

April 30

In A New York Minute – No More Eagles – Glenn Frey Dead

Why didn’t I know this? How did I miss it? Only found out today that Glenn Frey, one of the founding members of the Eagles, died in January 2016.


A lifelong Eagles fan, my favourite was always the supremely talented Don Henley. But Frey was also a good songwriter as well as playing other instruments, including keyboard.

4 eagles

Frey was 67 years old and died in New York from complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia. He died on Monday January 18th 2016.

He and Henley often disagreed about things and this was widely reported. But Henley looked totally and utterly shell-shocked in interviews following the announcement of Freys death.

freyand henley

He said of Frey and their relationship:

“He was like a brother to me, we were family. Like most families there was some dysfunction. But the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken. He was funny, bull-headed, generous, talented and totally driven. We are all in a state of deep shock, disbelief and profound sorrow.”

The unspoken feeling seems to be that Frey ‘held on’ until the completion of the 2 year “History of the Eagles” tour, which concluded in August 2015.

He had suffered the debilitating and agonizing RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for 10 long years. It is a deadly disease which does not kill you – but the medications given for it can. This sadly seems the case here. I have first hand knowledge of this since my beloved father passed away from similar complications after bravely enduring RA for 13 years.

Couple that with acute ulcerative colitis and you have a recipe for pneumonia to set in, especially with mobility issues which opens the door to pneumonia.

glen frey and joe walsh1

The Eagles had to postpone their Kennedy Center Honors ceremony from November 2015 to “some time next year” because of Freys gut problems, which required highly complex surgery with an uncertain outcome and a very long recovery time. It was never to be.

So another supremely talented musician has gone. And another name to add to the list at the end of award ceremonies. I could not be more shocked. Almost everyone thought that Joe Walsh, with his long term drink and drugs problems would doubtless be the first Eagle to depart. Life is so unpredictable and can literally change “in a New York Minute”.

April 29

Filling Yet Unsatisfying & Disappointing End – “Line of Duty” Series 3

Just caught up with Series 3 Finale of Jed Mercurios’ Line of Duty on BBC iplayer. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it is based around a police Anti-Corruption unit, A-C12.

Series 3 harks back to incidents which took place way back in Series 2. Whilst remaining believable for the most part, “suspending disbelief” became more and more stretched, mostly starting with the interview with D.I. Cottan progressing to the closing minutes of S3 finale.


During this interview, Inspector Hastings casually introduced something new to us all, by saying:

“The Caddy commands a network of corrupt police officers”.

Well that was news to me, and probably most of the viewing audience. Here of course, Mercurio was setting up the unexpected ending of an armed police officer opening fire on the interviewees.

thinkingn too much

I did expect something involving the armed guards since he cut to shot to them several times during the episode. I just did not know what. So I guess he gave us a kind of oblique clue.

The writer has consistently moved the goalposts throughout Series 3, throwing red herrings and incomplete scenes at us left right and center, making this the most filling but unsatisfying Series of all.

The plot lines have been consistently inter-tangled in Series 3, and since I am a fan of Jed Mercurios’ writing, in order to keep on top of everything, I have watched each episode many times. I suspect I am not alone in this.

There are still several anomalies which have not been addressed, but the writer tried to tie up the main loose ends in order to satisfy his significant audience by way of some written summations in the final shots.

I found it highly implausible that nobody attended Dentons’ funeral, since she actually uncovered the list and essentially brought down The Caddy. It was she who sent a copy of the list which nobody else could find, to Hastings, mere seconds before she was killed.

Hastings knew the significance of this and was the moral compass of the show. There is no doubt that he would have attended her funeral come hell or high water.

Once creating characters as strong as Hastings. I believe it is incumbent upon the writer to follow through on those traits, and not just drop them through time constraints or anything else. It weakens the whole character fabric woven so well in the audiences’ mind and reduces credibility.

Having most of the loose ends tied up is a huge positive for viewers and we should appreciate this. Many showrunners leave us dangling, even in the finale, in pursuit of their own agenda. A good example of this is David Chase the creator and showrunner of the iconic “Sopranos”.

Another scene which stretched and broke my ‘suspension of disbelief’ was the one-in-a-million shot taken by Kate. Firstly, it was against Hastings specific orders not to engage. Second she was a whole streets length away when firing the one kill shot.

Still we are expected to believe that this shot fatally struck Cottan, even though he was sitting on the right side of the back seat, beside a baddie who sat to his left in a vehicle moving at high speed.

And where was the driver of this getaway vehicle which picked up Cottan? The door was shut, the seat was empty. At least if the door had been left open, we could have been lead to believe that the driver had fled the scene. Another inconsistency.

Also, apart from bringing Kate a bunch of flowers, there was no indication whatsoever that Cottan would throw himself in front of an automatic weapon to save Kates life – and give his own. Especially when moments before he had been pointing his side arm directly at her.

His whole raison d’etre was to escape his life of the Caddy. Would he give up that for a woman he barely knew? Not a chance. Another completely out of character act.

For dramatic purposes, it allows the tidy conclusion, with Kate taking the Dying Declaration of Cottan, but in the reality of the show, it simply is too hard to believe.

So at the end of this 3 hour marathon finale, I am left feeling like I have just eaten a massive Indian takeaway. Not really knowing what I was eating, but being stuffed to the gills with the miscellaneous unknown – and wondering what was wrong.

indian meal 2

After stuffing myself for 3 hours, I felt dissatisfied. In two hours I was hungry again for a drama which actually adds up.

April 25

Did Vanity Kill The Diminutive Super-Star Prince?

So the world has lost another highly talented and unique music icon. And it is only April. The departed list shown at the end of award ceremonies is going to be a long one this year.

There is no doubt that Prince really was a uniquely talented, creative and savvy musician and song writer. Whilst reading about him, I discovered he had ‘given’ the song “Manic Monday” to The Bangles and the super-charged erotic song “Kiss” to several performers. But none compared to Princes’ performance of Kiss on the original video by him.


The shaven headed elfin-like Sinead O’Connor’s biggest hit “Nothing Compares…To You” was another song composed and written by Prince, and given away.

There can be no doubt he was generous. And highly prolific as a writer. He claimed lyrics and melodies came to him while he slept, something he shares with UK music legend Paul McCartney.

Sadly, despite his fervent belief in the Jehovah Witness branch of religion, it could not save him, at least here on earth. He was a man, like any other, prone to worrying about his diminutive stature and as a result always wearing stacked or high heels.

As many women (and doctors) will tell you, this sets up big trouble for the back in the future. Prince not only wore them everywhere, but he also danced in them.


There is no autopsy evidence yet as to cause of death. It looks more and more likely that his dependence on prescription pain killers like Percocet and Vicodin (both opiate based), probably were a part of the chain of events which led to his death at the relatively young age of 57.

It has been reported that he had put off a much-needed double hip replacement, since he thought it would require a blood transfusion, which would have been strictly against his beliefs. Yet I read about people who have undergone this surgery without need of transfusion.

prince shoes 3

His beliefs must have been mighty, since any doctor worth his salt, will tell you that bone pain is the most painful of them all. It is not known how long he had endured the agony, but he would of had to upped the dose of pain-killers as with all opiates, eventually tolerance develops and the dose has to be increased to be effective.

Although near genius at anything musically, not all his beliefs were true or came to pass. He denounced the internet several years ago as being “over”.

It seems it could be said that vanity killed him. After even a few weeks dancing in stilettos must have been agony, so to persist for many years could well have proved to be his Achilles tendon and led to his death.


The weather here last week when he died was to be wet and I almost thought we would get Purple Rain. Instead, we got purple illuminated Niagara Falls.

The fact that the lights were in place to celebrate the British Queens’90th birthday seemed, for awhile at least, to be heaven sent in tribute to the passing of the artist known as Prince.

April 22

AC/DC Change in Lineup Due To Health Not Unusual

What is it about the retirement of Brian Johnson from the infamous rock group AC/DC which is upsetting people? Hard rockers are living longer (probably due to the easy access to the best health care possible) coupled with an awareness of how to take care of themselves in older age.


Times change, musicians get older like us all, some succumb to illnesses and some bring on illnesses themselves. Some are lucky enough to avoid it into old age (like Jagger & Co.)

Therefore band members often change. This is nothing new.


Yes the super-group AC/DC have had what seems in retrospect more bad luck with band members’ health, but replacing lost members with others, is surely up to them?

This latest substitution of front-man Brian Johnson with (the already famous in his own right) Axl Rose, seems like a natural progression to me. Of course the sounds will be different, but then every band evolves over time anyway. So I don’t see the big deal.


What gives Roger Daltry the right to chip in with such negative views I cannot imagine. the two images you see here are in his hard rock years with The Who, and after he left to buy and run, his own fish farm at Wadhurst – a tiny tradiational English village on the borders of Kent and Sussex.

daltry before fish farm

daltry after fish farm

He had formerly sung “I hope I die before I get old”. Yet it seems that he took precautions that he would not. Lucky him. But lots of musicians and the rest of us, will never be that lucky.

I say good luck to the re-formed band and hope they can produce rock as good as the old AC/DC standards.